Thyroid ultrasound

thyroidWhat do we examine with thyroid ultrasound

Thyroid ultrasound is the imaging modality of choice for thyroid and parathyroid related diseases. Common reasons that endocrinologists and internal medicine doctors refer this examination is to investigate cervical swelling, or symptoms compatible with hyper or hypo thyreoidism (sweating, nervousness, sudden weight loss or gain, fatique, exophthalmos)
The thyroid gland is assessed for size, texture echogenicity and the presence of nodules. Common conditions that are diagnosed with ultrasound are multinodular goiter, Hashimoto thyreoiditis and neoplasms.

What is Hashimoto thyreoiditis

Hashimoto thyreoiditis is part of a large group of conditions called Autoimmune Diseases.
The main feature of these diseases is that the immune system of the patient , that is normally responsible for defense from infections, acts outside normal limits and instead of protecting rather turns against the organism, targeting various organs until disorganization and destruction occurs

What is a thyroid nodule

A nodule is a local enlargement of the thyroid. A thyroid gland consisting of numerous nodules is what is known as multinodular goiter. The most common cause of nodules is nodular hyperplasia, which is a benign condition. Even though less than 7% of nodules are malignant, it is very important that they are diagnosed early and accurately. The imaging modality of choice for thyroid nodules is the ultrasound.
Though only by means of ultrasound one cannot always define a nodule as malignant or benign, there are some features of nodules strongly suggestive of malignancy , such as :

The size of the nodule. Nodules larger than 1cm or nodules whose size increases are considered suspicious and should be further evaluated by aspiration
Echogenicity lower than that of the cervical muscles
Ill defined borders
Increase anteroposterior diameter in regard with the transverse one
Absence of smooth hypoechoic rim around the nodule
Increased internal vascularity
Concommitant lymphadenopathy


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